F2F Students

"Joining Friend-2-Friend has been truly rewarding. It's helped me bond with peers, contribute to our community, and develop teamwork, leadership, and empathy. This experience has deepened my compassion and fostered personal growth, making me a more responsible and socially-aware individual. I highly encourage other students to join Friend-2-Friend, as it's an extraordinary opportunity to make lasting friendships, grow as individuals, and create a positive impact in our community."
- Andrew

Join Friend-2-Friend

Olympus High School students are invited to join the organization Friend-2-Friend. Friend-2-Friend students are expected to attend monthly service projects and events, and actively respond to any communications.

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Senior Scholarships

Seniors who have participated in Friend-2-Friend are invited to apply for scholarships offered by Friend-2-Friend each March through the Olympus-Only Scholarship program. More information can be found on the Olympus High website.

"Friend-2-Friend helped my daughter finds ways to have real impact on our community. She loved the opportunity to help others and share love and cheer."