Our efforts to serve our community cannot happen without the support of our community! We welcome in-kind or cash donations!

"It’s not enough to tell kids they are better off with less social media. We have to replace the eternal scroll for validation with real, physical, human experiences.”


-Jennifer Wunderli,

Founder and Director



Friend-2-Friend operates as a nonprofit organization with 501c3 status. All  contributions  are  tax deductible. We are happy to provide a tax-deductible letter or an in-kind donation receipt, and advertise your logo as a sponsor on our website. 100% of your donation funds projects  and events. There are no salaries at Friend-2-Friend.

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Friend-2-Friend combines learning situations with leading behavioral experts who teach skills that improve emotional IQ with community service projects that create opportunities to practice their new skills.


The Child Mind Institute reports that diagnoses of anxiety orders in youths have increased by 30% in the last decade. Our children live in a pressure-filled environment with plenty of uncertainty. We have found that when youth work side-by-side on community-based service projects they find a larger sense of purpose and bond with those with whom they serve, and the feelings of isolation and self-doubt are replaced with friendship.


Once a year our kids gather for a conference to learn about leadership, gratitude, kindness, understanding emotions and learning to accept themselves and all their vulnerabilities. They also celebrate the good they accomplished in the past year and validate their own self-worth.


“My child has changed,” one mother wrote. “He is no longer the self-centered jock he once was. He is kinder, more accepting of others. Thank you.”


In order for a change in behavior to happen you can’t just stop the bad behavior, you have to replace it with a positive behavior. We do that by replacing social media connections with real connections, replacing self-doubt with positive self-talk, and replacing isolation with socialization and the laughter of good friends.


Our goal is to grow into more schools, establishing clubs with our curriculum and expanding the reach of our inclusion. We are a group of experts and leaders, but more importantly we are mothers and fathers. We need your help to continue to make an impact. Let’s talk about a donation that would help us do more of the good things we’re working on.


Friend 2 Friend has been a great addition to Olympus High School.  They have been very open to working with the school and focusing on topics that are critical to our students’ success.  For instance, this year we did an inclusion week, where they provided activities and events to help get the student body to know each other better and include our entire student body.  Friend 2 Friend has become an important partner in our school and I love having them here to assist in our school culture.


Steve Perschon – Principal


“There’s always room in your heart for one more friend.” Be one of ours.