Become a part of Friend-2-Friend and get involved in the community through service, while you make friends, and develop life skills! 


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Why Join Friend-2-Friend?

In a generation with cell phones, anxiety and social media, it is refreshing to get a group of great teens together to work and make a difference. I have hope in this next generation- we just have to show them the way. Laying sod at a Habitat for Humanity home, feeding the homeless youth, providing over 300 new cleaning kits for the refugees, and so many other wonderful opportunities have made my teens more compassionate. I have witnessed my children acting differently towards those in need because of what they have learned while being in F2F.


This winter my teens saw a homeless man in the street. Through F2F, they had learned to recognize a real need. They had the confidence to go back to our car, get our warm soccer blanket out of the back and lovingly wrap the blanket around the appreciative man. Priceless!


Some things my teens have learned from F2F:

  • Leadership

  • The ability to work with others, even those that are different from themselves

  • Communication skills with people of all ages teamwork

  • Work ethic 

  • Confidence

  • Public relations

  • Teachability

  • Organization

  • Following instructions

  • Flexibility

  • Problem solving

  • Planning

  • Creativity and

  • Friendship

And most importantly; how to have the courage to make a difference no matter where you are!

-Rachel Allen, Parent