• Brooklyn Randle

Inclusion Campaign Jan 31, 2019

Words can’t describe how much the inclusion campaign meant to me. I think it is so important to have students understand that it’s important to love yourself. Olympus High School really needed this campaign and I believe F-2-F changed it for the better. We were able to have this campaign for 2 days. In the morning being able to start the morning of with music and happy positive people made a whole difference. Not only could I see that people had a more positive attitude but my day was better because of it. Having just dance at lunch was eye opening. There was no one judging anyone and it was so fun to see so many kids come together. Olympus has so many talented students.

In the evening we held the panel of speakers. This was a super cool opportunity to really understand how we can choose to love ourselves. I never realized how important it was for me to know that I’m not the only one having a hard time in high school but I also need to learn how to love myself before I can love my peers. I loved being able to ask the speakers questions that opened the perspectives of social media. Since then I have been able to focus on loving myself so I decided to delete snapchat. Once I did I felt more confident in myself and was able to talk to more people in person and be more in the moment. I’m so grateful for these opportunities that I have been given.

Friday at school was another great day! In the evening the game was an opener to not only me but so many people who watched or participated. We asked the students to turn around and meet someone knew. We need to be more inclusive and broaden our friendship circles. As soon as they were given the chance, not one person hesitated to move around. Most students are willing to make new friends but are so scared. If everyone does it then everyone can feel more inclusive. The quote that has never left me since this campaign was “there’s always room in our hearts for one more friend.” It’s so true and I hope that this continues to happen throughout Olympus.

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