• Katie Duckworth, Senior at Olympus High School

Random Acts of Kindness Activity! Sept 29, 2017

On September 29th dozens of kids loaded into yellow school buses and traveled to downtown Salt Lake. When we arrived we split into groups, so we could complete the project at a more intimate scale. Once in our groups we talked about our plan for the day and how we wanted to accomplish our goals. We decided collectively to work on some of the required acts first. So we went all over temple square and city creek area holding open doors, leaving tips, talking to homeless people, giving high fives/ hugs, picking up garbage, giving compliments to people, and trying to spread kindness in any way. After we completed most of our required acts, we decided as a group to move on and come up with some of our own. We bought a Big Mac and gave it to a hungry homeless man. One of our group members found a business to donate some flowers to us, so we took those flowers and handed them out to people sitting by themselves or who looked like they needed one. Each act we did, we were received either positively or negatively. But my group decided that we would shake off the negative reactions and focus rather on the positive. This helped us to feel like we were more in tune with our project and we had a better attitude.