• Sage Allen

Chriskindlmarkt with Pamela Atkinson November, 2017

The sweet Christmas spirit that fills the atmosphere of the Christkindlmarkt at “This Is The Place Park” is one you can find no where else. Chriskindlmarkt; is a genuine Christmas market based off of the markets in the streets of Germany. The twinkle lights, German music, and the smell of crepes are just a small part of what made my experience that the Christkindlmarkt so amazing.

As a member of Friend 2 Friend, I was able to participate in an amazing service project at Christkindlmarkt. Friend 2 Friend made five hundred lunch boxes to give out to the homeless people of Salt Lake City. The lunches included yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Great Harvest bread, fruit, a cookie, and a thoughtful handwritten note. With all of the Friend 2 Friend volunteers working together, it only took about an hour and a half to finish all five hundred lunches. It was so fun to work along side my peers toward a good cause.

My favorite part of the evening was when Pamela Atkinson spoke to us about her experiences and the importance of serving the homeless in our community. Pamela is an amazing women, she is someone that I look up to. I think everyone should see Pamela as someone they are striving to become. Pamela referred to the homeless people in our community as her “homeless friends” she showed her love for them through her actions, she truly is their friend. She treated each of them with love and kindness. Pamela said that she keeps a bag of dog food, socks, blankets, and food in her car just in case she sees a need. Whenever she meets one of her “homeless friends” she makes sure she shakes their hand and looks them in the eye, sometimes they have never had a physical connection with anyone for years. Pamela has an amazing talent for making people feel loved, she makes life feel worth living. Pamela Atkinson has had such a positive influence on me, everyone else in Friend 2 Friend, but mostly on our community.

After Pamela inspired us all with her love and kindness, we were able to march next to her and others in our community in a parade. The parade meandered down through the Christkindlmarkt shops and around the large Christmas tree in the center of the market. Walking next to Pamela and my peers through the cute German market made me want to do more and be more. I am so thankful for the inspiration I received on that crisp winter night.