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Olympiad Event At Woodrow Wilson Elementary School

Service is defined as the action of helping someone or doing work for someone. Last week, the definition of service was redefined at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, because service was made synonymous with fun. The kids in the Woodrow Wilson after school project participated in a three day school Olympiad in which the kids competed against each other in both sports and academics. The students were split into teams of four different colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. Each team had a certain amount of students from each grade. These teams would be competing against each other, and each student would have the ability to be given an award for an outstanding competitor. Over the three days the kids and the volunteers were able to laugh together, play together, and form amazing bonds of friendship.

The first day was academic day. There were four stations which included reading and math games. The reading stations were comprised of a spelling bee and a game called word zap. The math stations included a bowling game, with the implementation of adding and subtracting their scores, in order to get to the desired winning score, and a math whiteboard game where they had to hold up the right answer in a certain amount of time. Although some of these games and stations were challenging for the kids, they embraced the competition and thrived in these games. The energy and excitement among the students while they were attempting to figure out a math problem on a whiteboard, or seeing how many words they could read on word zap was almost tangible. These academic games help the students have fun while still being able to learn and increase their knowledge.

The next day was sports day. On this day, the stations were split into basketball, relay races, frisbee and shot-put throwing, push-up, sit-up, and hula-hoop contest. It was amazing to see the kids show not only their athletic ability, but also their good sportsmanship and attitudes while competing. These kids were impressive. They showed their speed on the relay races they showed their talent when shooting basketballs, they showed their strength during shot-put , and one student even did 100 sit-ups! It was especialy fun for the kids in the Friend-2-Friend organization because they got to run with them and play the games with them. Tuesday was a great day!

On the last day, the student's hard-work would be recognized because it was awards day. All the students met in the lunchroom where many were recognized and given medals for their sportsmanship, competitiveness, or for many other reasons. It was also announced that blue team did the best and they received first place! The students really enjoyed the awards ceremony and cheered loudly and enthusiastically for their peers whether they won or they lost. They loved celebrating for each other and receiving awards. The last event of the olympiad was the color throw, where the students and volunteers were given packs of colored chalk to throw int he air, and eventually at each other. After attempting the congregate them in a circle for an extended period of time, the colors started flying. You could see the smiles on everyone's faces, plastered with reds, blues, pinks, greens, and purples making it evident that this olympiad was successful. After the colors were thrown and the awards had been given out it was a sad realization that this three day adventure had come to an end. Saying goodbye to the students that members of the Friend-2-Friend had grown so fond of was extremely difficult. It was easy to see the love that had been formed between these students from Woodrow Wilson and the students that are members of the Friend-2-Friend organization. Although a lot of hard work, time, effort, and sacrifice had been made to put together this olympiad, it was so worth it to see the smiles on the faces of the young elementary students. Friend-2-Friend is extremely grateful for the opportunity they had to serve these children and look forward to many service opportunities in the future!

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