Top It! Winter 2019

Working at Top It has been an amazing experience! I did it once and I loved it so much that my friend and I decided to do it again. It was very fun to work with Pawitt (the owner) and get to know him. He is one of the kindest people I have ever met and is so personable. He knows his customers by name and he is extremely grateful. Despite all of the challenges he has had to face, he remains happy and constantly thinks about others. My heart has also been so touched as I've watched countless members of the community come in to support Pawitt. They all care about him so much and they are eager to know how he and his sweet wife are doing. It's amazing how something so terrible, can bring

Inclusion Campaign Jan 31, 2019

Words can’t describe how much the inclusion campaign meant to me. I think it is so important to have students understand that it’s important to love yourself. Olympus High School really needed this campaign and I believe F-2-F changed it for the better. We were able to have this campaign for 2 days. In the morning being able to start the morning of with music and happy positive people made a whole difference. Not only could I see that people had a more positive attitude but my day was better because of it. Having just dance at lunch was eye opening. There was no one judging anyone and it was so fun to see so many kids come together. Olympus has so many talented students. In the evening we he