Comcast Cares Day: Friend-2-Friend volunteers needed!

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to get involved and give back to your community, consider participating in Comcast Cares Day with Friend-2-Friend on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Comcast Cares Day is the nation’s largest single-day volunteer event where students, families, friends and local business partners come together to clean, rejuvenate and beautify the community where we live and work. Comcast will generously donate $20 per participant to the Granite Education Foundation to help provide food, clothing, and other resources to Granite kids in need. Two hours are required, but volunteering for the whole alotted time is appreciated. We want to work with Comcast to continue our t

Welcome to Friend-2-Friend

“Of all the world’s natural resources, children are the most precious. In them lie the elements of imagination, the building blocks of innovation, the fundamentals of peace, the capacity to love immeasurably. No investment in their growth is too small, or too large; and no responsibility is greater than raising and educating them well.” Stephen Wunderli When looking for world solutions, we often need look no further than the children around us. Walk through the halls at Woodrow Wilson an Elementary School in Salt Lake City and see the many different colors, cultures and them as they sit together at the same lunch table: two Muslim girls from Somalia, three Hispanic gir