Building Friendships
Through Service

We connect students with charities to fulfill their missions by providing resources and an army of volunteers.
Friend-2-Friend is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Friend-2-Friend empowers students to see and address the needs around them and to take action.

Because teen issues that affect learning are on the rise—mental health, social disconnection, insufficient learning materials, and so much more—kids need opportunities to build healthy interpersonal relationships. Friend-2-Friend brings teens together to lead out and serve outside their comfort zones; meeting new friends and developing new life skills that ensure a healthy, more successful future.

"I participated in F2F for 6 years and it changed my life. I learned many valuable life principles such as responsibility, planning, and leadership. Above all I learned the joy that comes through service. With each service project I developed strong relationships and gained a better sense of gratitude. F2F has inspired me to live a life full of service and to always give back."
- James

Friend-2-Friend students are committed to these service initiatives:




"For over a decade, Friend-2-Friend has offered students at Olympus High School unique opportunities for meaningful community service. Those students who avail themselves of these service-learning experiences develop leadership abilities far beyond those of their peers. In my capacity as co-chair of the Santa Sacks program sponsored by the Granite Education Foundation, I have worked closely with Jennifer Wunderli and Friend-2-Friend students as they have provided funds and volunteer help for this holiday program. Through individual and business donations, Friend-2-Friend has purchased hair care items, toys, stuffed animals, socks, hats and gloves that are put into each Santa Sack. They also purchase and cut and tie fleece for blankets. Almost 5,000 Santa Sacks were given to preschool-6th grade students in need in the Granite School District in December 2022 and we rely heavily upon our partnership with Friend-2-Friend to make Christmas magic happen for so many students."
-Kathy Newton